Enhance your style


*Eligibility:* Anyone who has made a purchase at DILFER, either online or in-store, after March 14, 2024, is eligible to participate


*Prizes:* Each week, one lucky winner will receive a wardrobe makeover worth 100,000/- rupees. 

 Additionally, the bill of two customers will be wiped off daily.


*Entry Process:* Simply send a photo of your bill via WhatsApp to 0760959046 to enter the contest.


*Special Conditions:* Winners must be following our Instagram page. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Be sure to send your bill via WhatsApp once only! Duplicate messages will lead to disqualification. Keep it simple and send it once to stay in the game!


*Announcement:* Winners will be announced on EFM and our social media platforms.

Winner selection will be at our discretion.


*Start and End Times:* The competition kicks off on March 14 and concludes on April 14.


*Promoter:* This campaign is brought to you by DILFER.